Chef Doug Douglas E. Neel is an Episcopal priest in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  Doug has owned a catering company and a friend and he have written a book on first-century food, called The Food and Feasts of Jesus.  For six months, Doug cooked and ate only foods with ingredients available at the time of Jesus.  Doug will continue to cook and blog about ancient food.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. dingleberry Says:

    What does “eoteric” food taste like? My Webster’s 4th wouldn’t say. I’m looking forward to the results of this experiment and am interested in how you researched the 1st century diet. The only fun food I’ve noted so far is vino.

  2. Susan Santore Says:

    Father Doug I would like a list of foods this diet will include.
    Susan Santore

  3. Joel Pugh Says:

    2000 years ago, eating ripe olives was like eatin money.
    but green olives were almost useless.

    every squeez a plump ripe olive? the amont of oil extracted is amazing;
    but you cant get a drop out of a green one.
    when farmers paid day laborers (dracma, a days wage coin), custom was to pay at the end of the day.
    the wife would go down to the market in the morning and trade a jar or so of olive oil with the local merchant for dracmas.
    eating ripe olives made no sence. and green ones tasted awfull, at least until they were cured in salt or ash.
    but when the olive branches were shaken for the ripe ones to drop, so did some green – so the green were pitched in the cure jar for several months till they were eatable. these green were not “harvested” as much as the were accidents.

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  5. Janet Hilbun Says:

    The intern at our church and I, the church librarian, share a desk. Inadvertently, I processed her copy of the Foods and Feasts of Jesus that you had signed for her. If I send you a new copy of the book, a copy of the original inscription, and a stamped return envelope, would you sign another copy for her? (We did remove it from the library but it has been stamped and removing the envelope with the “check out’ card is going to rip a page.) Thank you.

    • dougneel Says:

      Of course. Send it to my church:
      The Rev. Douglas E Neel
      St. Patrick Episcopal Church
      225 S. Pagosa Boulevard
      Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

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