I have been eating first century cuisine for only three week, full time for nine days, and already I have had to fight back temptation. Last Sunday it reached a critical point. First, instead of doughnuts after church, we served ice cream sundaes. I love ice cream. I am especially fond of vanilla with fruit toppings and/or chocolate sauce. A little boy in the congregation, who was wearing a robe and told me he was dressed like Jesus, had chocolate on him from ear to ear. He told me that he was fixing his second bowl. I believed him and began to wonder, “Since this Jesus is eating ice cream, then why shouldn’t I consider it part of my first century cuisine?” I was strong and passed on the sundaes.

Later the same day, after the requisite Sunday afternoon nap, my wife and I went to see Julie & Julia. The movie was wonderfully fun. Julie was absolute correct when she commented that she loved braised cucumbers. I developed a recipe for them several years ago and will eat them as part of this diet (and will then share my recipe). They are wonderful. But back to my point: Sally bought a large bag of popcorn and a Diet Coke and proceeded to consume them both right in front of me! I know for a fact that Jesus did not face this kind of temptation.

Right now I am eating a first century lunch: olives, fresh dates, a small bunch of grapes and a piece of pita bread. Delicious! Even though I am not doing this to lose weight, you might be amused to know that I have already dropped six pounds.

Bon Appetit.


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5 Responses to “TEMPTATION!”

  1. Sally Says:

    Sorry, hon…a girl’s gotta have her movie popcorn! You can feel righteous in knowing you’ve lost more weight than I have. Love you!

  2. Jeff Pierce Says:

    Sally, you’re evil. Doug — how about a yogurt making lesson?

  3. Bill Richard Says:

    Bad Sally!! But I do have to say that I am quite addicted to popcorn myself. I am sure Jesus would have been, too, if he had only known about it. Or did he really know everything?! 😉

  4. Sally Says:

    If they’d had the corn, I’m sure Jesus would have popped it!

  5. judith bernstein Says:

    much as I love popcorn and consider it a staple in my diet…Dates are so way better mouthful for mouthful./

    But someone was eating corn at the time of Jesus…In the “americas”

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