The Diet Begins

So it begins. The diet is really quite simple. Eat a light breakfast. Bread, milk or juice, and maybe cheese or yogurt and some fruit. Eat a slightly more for lunch: a piece of whole grain bread, a handful of olives, a hardboiled egg, maybe some leftovers from the night before, a salad of cucumbers or lettuce, milk, water, fruit juice or a small glass of wine to drink. Dinner is more substantial. Bread was always served, maybe a stew or soup with legumes or grains, fresh or pickled vegetables, and fruit. Include a side dish of olives, nuts and/ or cheese. Have a glass of wine or water with dinner. Make one (and only one) meal each week special by adding poultry or fish. Meat will be reserved for a few very special feast.

This doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Tomorrow I will post meats, fish, and seasonings. Tonight we are having chick peas cooked with wheat berries. I think it will be great.

Let me know if you plan to join me by trying a first century diet.


2 Responses to “The Diet Begins”

  1. hammerbear123 Says:

    Doug, The chick peas and olive oil imply that hummus was possible. What does your research say? Where in Pagosa can you get the cheese starter? I think I can handle that much cooking. Barry

  2. Frer3 Says:

    I can safely say after watching and observing my dad as he prepared for this diet, Hummus is definitely okay. As for cheese starters, you can find rennet and other cheese-making stuff at the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company. The website is

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